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Retainers Starting at $250.00

Facing a criminal conviction is a stressful and overwhelming experience. You may be looking at serious penalties including fines, jail time, and irreversible damage to your reputation. At a moment like this, it is crucial to get help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer like William R. Noelker.

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Noelker knows the Kentucky criminal justice system like the back of his hand. He understands the strategies and tactics that prosecutors rely on. This unique insight allows him to fight for the best possible outcome in any criminal case.

Every defendant has a right to an attorney. Unfortunately, many defendants cannot hire an attorney because they don't have the money to pay the very high retainer fees many attorneys charge. Often, how big the attorneys' ego is directly proportional to what he charges you. You may pay $5,000.00 or more up front only to have your attorney appear a few times in court before the case is settled.

Retainer fees for criminal conviction in KentuckyWhat the attorney won't tell you is that the prosecutor would have likely offered the same deal no matter who your attorney was. So a plea bargain that could have been done for no more than $500.00 has now cost you $5,000.00. Criminal defense can be expensive especially if you want to have a trial but most criminal cases end in a plea deal. In these cases, many defendants simply pay too much.

Mr. Noelker offers very low retainer fees based on the scope of the representation. He doesn't charge based on the nature of the offense but on the strategic goals of the client. If you decide that a plea deal is in your best interests then Mr. Noelker will charge you accordingly. He doesn't have a big ego so he doesn't charge big retainers. You get a seasoned, professional attorney who will tailor the representation based on what you need not based on what crime you have committed. Bond assignments and payment plans can also be arranged.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, contact William R. Noelker Attorney at Law, PLLC today at 859-329-3992 for a free consultation with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Noelker serves clients from across Kentucky including those in Danville and Lebanon.  

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Mr. Noelker believes that everyone deserves professional and aggressive legal representation. He will work to defend your innocence and protect your rights, regardless of the charges that you face.

Mr. Noelker has the resources to handle complex criminal cases including:

  • Drug offenses
  • Theft
  • Property crimes
  • Fraud and financial crimes
  • Public safety violations
  • Violent Crimes

These crimes are categorized based on their severity. Typically, crimes are considered either misdemeanor or felony offenses. While some attorneys only handle a few types of charges, Mr. Noelker skillfully handles Class A and B misdemeanor charges as well as Class A, B, C, and D felony charges.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Since criminal charges are often serious and life-changing, it is in your best interest to work with a lawyer who can provide a vigorous defense. As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Noelker will protect you and your best interests.

Mr. Noelker can assist you in a variety of ways, such as potentially:

  • Helping you understand your rights
  • Helping you understand your legal options
  • Explaining complex legal rules and regulations
  • Gathering evidence and statements
  • Finding expert witnesses
  • Navigating Kentucky’s legal system
  • Working with you to negotiate a deal
  • Proving your innocence

Understanding Your Basic Rights

As a criminal defendant, you have rights at every stage of the criminal justice process. Many of these rights are part of the United States Constitution.

However, the system can be intimidating. It can be difficult to understand your rights and ensure that they are being upheld. Mr. Noelker will work to make sure that you receive fair treatment.

The fundamental rights that you are entitled to include:

  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to representation
  • The right to a speedy trial
  • The right to a public jury trial
  • The right to a reasonable bail
  • The right against cruel and unusual punishment

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You deserve to put this criminal accusation behind you. Mr. Noelker will pursue justice and the best possible outcome on your behalf.

To learn more about how a criminal defense lawyer can help with your specific case, call William R. Noelker Attorney at Law, PLLC today at 859-329-3992 for a complimentary consultation. Mr. Noelker proudly works with clients in Danville, Lebanon, and nearby areas of Kentucky.